Picked up a new "old" manual lens a few days ago. A 135mm Soligor, it's a little soft, but the focus is smooth as silk and has a great weight..... It's interesting to see the unique elements an old lens brings to a very standard shot. Took this in the parking lot outside of the camera store after I bought it...... I think what i find most interesting is how I approach new tools like this. I approach most new tools as toys. No matter if it's a new program, social media channel, lens or pick axe. I prefer to play with the tools I own. It makes learning to use them less frustrating and more exploratory. In this case, playing with this lens in the outdoors with no per-conceived notions has opened a world of ideas regarding portraiture with this old manual lens.   #manuallens #canonfanphoto #nature #soligor #nature #photooftheday