Surfers are sea creatures. The ocean gives us our energy and breathes life into our being. It consistently shapes our moods and our health. As a result, we should be concerned and aware of the oceans state of well being.

The past 70 years of development in California has had tremendous environmental impact on the ocean and our beaches. Increased runoff yields greater pollution. Increased population yields decreased water supplies on land for drinking, bathing and farming. This in turn pushes new solutions like desalination plants along the coastline. Both of these issues will have far reaching impact on ecosystems and ocean health. I'll venture that the majority of us know too little about the the problems and the solutions.

We are living in an age of mixed messages, media hype and too many corporate perspectives. It’s not enough to move forward with the information you hear. It’s our responsibility to seek out our own understanding. Our responsibility is to be a steward of our ecosystem. Someone who is aware and able to make conscious decisions regarding our actions. We cannot always be right, but we will always have the choice to be involved.