Ano 'Ano. Like attracts like.

It's a classic story in Hawai'i. It tells of a group of seekers who are offered a "code of life": a way in which the suffering of mankind can be overcome. The kernel of truth within the story is that all action creates a similar action from the people and the world around us. Being back in the studio with the band Pepper, I felt that exact energy. 

The band is working on their 9th full length album at their own recording studio and taking the entire process back for themselves. Creating a stripped down and  authentic album the draws influences form their roots and wisdom from their experiences. They are a band of artists freely and openly trading ideas and insights on their music without ego. It was a refreshing look at the artistic process. 

In all honesty, I dive bombed the session. One of many the boys are committed to these days. 14 hours, 5-6 days a week. That made it easier for me to track them down and settle in. The banter soon picked up where it had left off with memories flowing, new stories shared and a serious laugh I desperately needed. There is something to be said for being around others who are creating when you need a dose of inspiration yourself. 

Finding the time to re-connect and giving myself the goal of documenting this short glimpse into the process opened new ideas about what art is, and the ever evolving blurred line between business and art. I have no doubt these three guys have un-earthed a truly remarkable project and the energy they share is sure to attract a bountiful return.