Breaking composition

There are supposedly rules to what makes an image beautiful. Most artists think of this in terms of composition. How one element plays against another and the ultimate weight that is delivered to each portion of the space. As a creative soul, my greatest joy comes from breaking rules. I like hopping fences, trespassing, and shooting where and when I'm not supposed to. This image is a fine example of breaking the rules of composition. We should always strive to see things differently form the way they are perceived to be. 

Mark Ley has been a fiercely active Marketing Professional for the last 15 years with expertise in web design, digital strategies, social media and content creation. He has consistently helped businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs with marketing and digital branding strategies, while developing his own passion as a professional photographer. Mark has worked extensively in the fields of hospitality, music and lifestyle branding. Providing opportunities for people to pursue their aspirations has been the hallmark of Mark’s approach to the numerous projects he has been involved with.  Mark calls the the town of Waimea on the Big Island his home rand esides there with his wife and thirteen year old daughter.